DuChene Natural Health Center considered a wellness and lifestyle chiropractic practice. We work with our patients to achieve their health goals or overcome their health challenges by using symptomatic and holistic/wellness based treatments.

There are many reasons why someone seeks chiropractic or a chiropractor. Chiropractic is not an alternative treatment or alternative medical care, even though some people call and treat it like that. Chiropractic is an assessment and treatment of your nervous system through physical structures, bones and soft tissue, and bio-mechanics, how your body moves. Chiropractic treatment is only performed by a chiropractor. Chiropractic can be employed safely and effectively with other forms of health care.

Your nervous system controls every aspect of your body. If your nervous system is off then your body will be off. This can be seen in signs and symptoms that you may experience. Most common symptoms that people come to see a chiropractor are headaches, back pain, neck pain or any other type of pain in their body, general health and wellness. But, by looking that the person as a whole chiropractic can also help people with problems not normally thought of around chiropractic. Such as: sleep problems, digestive problems, fertility problems, concentration problems, fatigue, weight problems to name a few.

You will never know if your problem can be helped by a chiropractor unless you get evaluated by a chiropractor.

The main reason that I find people are intimidated by chiropractic is because chiropractic was never properly explained. I have treated patients who have been under chiropractic care for 20-30 years and chiropractic was never explained to them by their chiropractor.

We advocate educating our patients on:

  • What is going on with them
  • How they got that way
  • Provide a plan to correct course
  • Provide the services they need
  • Refer out for services we do not provide
  • Teach them how to stay better and when to seek help