Chiropractic care is about optimal function of the nervous system.

Your nervous system is the master system of the body and when your body is out of alignment it alters how your nervous system works. When we work with our patients we assess the nervous system, find the functional deficits and provide appropriate treatment.

I believe that most people can be helped by increasing their health. Chiropractic is about removing the interference of the natural healing power of your body. I not only provide chiropractic adjustments. I also provide support to the adjustments so they can hold longer and you can achieve a greater state of health sooner.

I got into the health care field to help people in need. I found that the Chiropractic adjustment can be very powerful. I also found that supporting the adjustment so it holds longer gets people better faster and they tend to stay that way longer.

If you have been to a chiropractor before you are most likely used to showing up getting an adjustment and then you are done. I use different forms of testing before and after the adjustment to see if we are helping you. By charting the tests we do, we can figure out what is causing your problem and what is making it worse.

I don’t know what I have or if you can help!

I feel the need to add this here because of the type of doctor I am and the type of clients I see.

Many people turn to me as a last resort doctor. Meaning they have been to everyone and nobody can give them a straight answer or help them for whatever reason. Most of these people have never considered Chiropractic as a method of treatment. This is mostly because Chiropractic is misunderstood by many doctors, providers and the general population. I have helped many people in these cases because of the models discussed above.

Chiropractic is a safe treatment method that cannot be replicated by any other doctor or treatment provider. You might not understand how chiropractic can help. That is ok because part of my job is to figure that out and report back to you about it. I have many different methods of applying the chiropractic adjustments and therapies.

If the traditional model is not working for you and you have a condition that you need help with please contact me to talk and see how I can help.

Stress, Biochemistry & Trauma Model

These three things cause adaption of your nerves, joints and muscles. In essence these three things cause most of the problems you can experience. I use these as part of the treatment plan so we can get better and faster results.

Emotional stress causes many types of negative adaptation like pain, dysfunction and disease. Stress also makes any health condition worse. I have seen this be the one thing causing health problems for clients. Many providers know this but lack the resources or training to help in this category.
You are a walking chemical reaction. Everything about us from our energy level to our personality are controlled by chemicals. If all of our chemicals are working correctly then things are great. If not then you will have problems. Most of these problems start with basic nutrition. This is why I include nutrition as part of our treatment plans.

Gross trauma falls in this category but it is the everyday micro-trauma that will get you. Micro-trauma is the damage your body receives from poor muscle endurance, poor stability, poor mobility and poor posture. These things break your body down on a daily basis. You can achieve better muscle endurance, stability, mobility and posture through the right kind of exercise, rehab and muscle activation.

Types of Care: Relief Care, Corrective Care & Maintenance Care

Your goals are our goals. Not everyone wants consistent care or lifetime care from a chiropractor. The reasons why I use these type of care is because some people are just wanting out of pain and others want to make sure the pain doesn’t come back. I also provide maintenance care for those that want long term maintenance of the work we do.

Relief care is designed to provide relief and overcome a health condition. This could be to get you out of pain, getting you more energy, and/or sleeping better. If you are suffering with some problem this type of care is designed to provide you relief.
Corrective care is designed to go a step further and address the cause your health condition. So, if you suffer with pain this type of care would look at muscular imbalances, neurological contributions, weight loss and/or many other causes. The purpose of corrective care is to teach you how you got here and how to prevent it from coming back.
Maintenance care is designed to be regular checkups to keep the healing process move forward. Our body adapts to stress on a daily basis. Keeping your body adjusted ensures that you will function better and feel better.

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