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EFT does not work for everyone!!! BUT, it can if you….

EFT can work for everyone I have come across many people who have had no or small results doing EFT the way it is taught. I see confusion on what to say, when to say it and the just plane basics of EFT. I want to change this because EFT can work for everyone. It […]
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Two Muscle Testing Classes March 31st

Basic muscle testing introduction This program is for those who have experience in muscle testing and those who have no training. I find that our approach to learning this skill has helped people of all experience levels. Muscle testing can be a very useful tool so come and learn how to do it rig...
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WALKING AN HOUR A DAY BRINGS BETTER OVERALL HEALTH YOUR WAY Vol. 7 Issue 21 The National Academy of Sciences recommends 60 minutes of moderately intense activity a day; however the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), report that 75% of Americans fail at meeting the 30-minute recomme...

Understanding pH: The three aspects of pH

    Understanding pH After looking at many different books, websites, audio programs, and even attending lectures on this topic it amazed me how misunderstood this topic can be. Many times I would be reading a book and think “hey, this guy knows what he is talking about!” but a few chapters l...

pH and Water

I am almost sure that everyone has had some contact with these new water products talking about how it can change the pH of your body. I wanted to make a couple comments about this. Now going back to the basics: when we talk about pH inside of the body we are talking about the […]

Exercise and pH

So what does exercise have to do with pH? Our cells work best in an alkaline environment. They also give off acid as a biproduct of metabolism. The natural buffering ability for our daily metabolic processes comes from our bicarbonate buffering system. That system uses your lungs, breathing, to b...

Food and pH

When it comes to food, fruits and vegetables are alkaline. There are some exceptions, for example cranberries is acid at the end of metabolism. But for the most part stick with all fruits and vegetables are alkaline. Refined products, and animal products are acid ash producing. Refined products a...