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Chiropractic and frozen shoulder and Neil Asher technique

Frozen shoulder is a very tough condition for one to have and to treat. For the longest time frozen shoulder was something that I would run up to a wall and we would get little success and it was hard getting any more and only inching along.

There is a new technique I brought along called the Neil Asher technique for frozen shoulder. I have seen results with frozen shoulder as early as the first visit. I have had range of motion improve, pain reduce and get people to sleep with no pain at night.

Frozen shoulder is a mysterious diagnosis/disease because we don’t really know what causes it. One of the theories that seems to answer a lot of questions for a lot of clients I have worked with is bicipital tendonitis.

As your biceps stops working correctly you develop inflammation and tendonitis in the biceps tendon. The inflammation goes up the tendon to the joint and joint capsule and that inflammation is just waiting there for an injury to become frozen shoulder.

The literature on physical therapy supports that it provides little real pain relief during the first phase of frozen shoulder. Physical therapy is better at improving range of motion at the end phases of frozen shoulder.

If you are suffering with frozen shoulder or knows someone who is suffering with frozen shoulder and looking for more than just some basic physical therapy and want to see if the Neil Asher technique can help you please call us at DuChene Natural Health Center.