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Chiropractic: Muscle injury

A lot of people get injured in the muscle but not always where they think. When you think of muscle injury you normally think of injury to the belly of the muscle. That is the case for a good handful of people.

But, for the rest of you that are suffering from tendonitis issues, pain, pain with moving that is not the case. The injury is where the muscle attaches to the bone.

I have seen this in many athletes who have a lot of problems and nobody is able to figure it out. The muscle is just not working right. If you have an injury to the muscle then it is not going to work right. So, your shoulder problem might persist, your hip problem might persist, your knee problem might perist.

We use applied kinesiology to help detect muscle injury. This technique can also determine if the injury is in the belly of the muscle or the attachment points of the muscle

The good news is, the injuries to the attachment points of the muscle are very easy to work with even if it has been several years since the injury.

With this technique you can start feeling and functioning better within the first visit. With a possible resolution in a week or two.

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