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Muscle testing has been used by Chiropractors that use Applied Kinesiology for years. This method has been so successful at figuring out how the body works that it has now spread to may different modalities used by many different people and professions.

Muscle testing is very easy to do. But, muscle testing only really works if done right. This is the hard part for most people. This training is put together to give you the foundations of how to correctly use muscle testing for your health. This program is for those who have experience in muscle testing and those who have no training. I find that our approach to learning this skill has helped people of all experience levels. Muscle testing can be a very useful tool so come and learn how to do it right.

Muscle testing is used for many different reasons.I am teaching this to everyone so that you can bring this amazing communication method home and apply this to your skills.

Some things we will go over

Typically this is a 3 hour workshop with hands on.

How to train with us

We have quarterly Muscle Testing classes at DuChene Natural Health Center. You can find these classes by liking us and following us on Facebook and by signing up for our email newsletter.

A second way you can train with us is to host a class. If you are not in the local Dallas area or you would like to have a training a specific time or date you can contact us and host a class. If you are interested in coordinating a class in your area then please contact me so we can coordinate one in your area.

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