Surrogate muscle testing

Surrogate muscle testing is a portion of muscle testing and Applied Kinesiology that pushes the belief system of many people irregardless if they see results from doing it. So, how does that work? Why does it work? Does it really work?????

To break the suspense a little…

Yes, it does work. The experience level of the person doing the testing makes a big difference on how well it works. The theories I see involved would be pietzoelectric reaction of the skin, acupuncture/energy and entrainment interactions of everyone involved. These are theories I am familiar with but that does not mean that these are the only reasons why it works.

flow chart for surrogate muscle testing:

  1. Child tested – neurology and acupuncture reacts to challenge
  2. Surrogate tested- Pietzoelectric skin reaction, acupuncture sensitivity and entrainment to the child causes change in physiology
  3. Tester – Does the muscle test and is responsible for a proper analysis of test

Now that we got that out of the way lets break it down a little. These theories can be a bit cumbersome but stick with me and if you have questions please email me. We will break down the flow chart to help you understand it better.

Child tested

I am using a child as the example here because this type of testing is most commonly done for children. But, surrogate testing can be used on anyone who you cannot test directly.

For this example we will be using a food allergy as our challenge. Please know that the challenge can be anything that could have a positive or negative impact on the child’s health.

We experience our realty through our sensors in the nervous system and the sensors send information through our nerve and acupuncture system to the brain for analysis. For an allergy test we would have the child taste or smell the suspected allergy.

Surrogate tested

After the child is exposed to the potential allergen the surrogate is tested. If the substance causes an allergic response then the muscle tested will weaken.

How does that work?

Piezoelectric skin reaction

This is a fancy term for the electric and magnetic effect of the body when touching the skin. There is an exchange of information when the electric and magnetic signals are produced.This would be where part of the signal move to the surrogate.


Electricity or energy is channeled through acupuncture meridians or channels. These channels send information to the brain for processing. Acupuncture channels send information to all parts of the body.


This is an innate process where we biologically synchronize with the people around us. You could think of this as biological empathy. If there is a negative effect on the child your body will change because of that.


All aspects of the testing is important but the interpretation of the test is the most important. Your provider takes the test information and does something with that. So, someone who just does muscle testing may put you on a nutrition program or elimination program. Someone who does Applied Kinesiology may test for associated factors like lymphatics or neurology. You also may just end up with more questions. I learn new things the more I test people and if you end up with more questions then the testing will take some time to get you where you want it.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone who you think could benefit from understanding how surrogate testing works. This blog article is a primer for this topic. Look for more on all kinds of muscle testing on my blog. If you would like clarification please contact me.