EFt training Dallas, EFT class Dallas

EFT training Dallas, EFT class DallasEFT can work for everyone

I have come across many people who have had no or small results doing EFT the way it is taught. I see confusion on what to say, when to say it and the just plane basics of EFT. I want to change this because EFT can work for everyone. It can help you overcome emotions that are having an impact on your physiology.

Two main things that you need to know:

1. The problem and the manifestation are usually separate

2. There is no magic phrase, emotions are different per person

The manifestation and the problem are separate.

Using an analogy: When having a heart attack many people have pain down their left arm.  The problem is in the heart and the manifestation is in the left arm. So, no matter how much we do for te left arm we will not fix the problem.

Many people who do EFT are working on the manifestation and not the problem. They are working on the weight problem, pain, addiction or whatever and not looking at the core issue or cause of the problem.

There is no problem with tapping on the manifestation. You can get some symptomatic relief by tapping on the manifestation. The problem is that for some people there is no distinction between the manifestation and the core issue or problem.

There is no magic phrase, emotions are different per person

At seminars or online in forums you will get people who share the success they had by doing the EFT process. The next thing you normally see is someone asking “what did you say for weight loss or whatever else the result is?” There is no magic phrase to lose weight, get rid of pain or manifest success and money. But, EFT can help you lose wight, get rid of pain and manifest success and money.

There is a reason, core issue, why the problem, weight loss, pain, is there. That core issue is different from person to person. EFT worked for that person to begin with because they either hit the core issue while doing the process or got close enough to it. There is a technique in EFT called borrowing benefits and yes, you can get a benefit by tapping on someone else’s core issues but, the result will most likely be different.

Introspective EFT

Introspective EFT is a tapping process that I put together to give you a road map on how to find your core issues making EFT significantly more effective. It can take minutes to do EFT if you do it on the right thing at the right time. Find can find one of our Introspective EFT classes in the Dallas area or you can contact us to set one up in your town.