The goal of EFT Made Easy is to make the transition from having knowledge of how to do EFT to actually doing EFT. I cannot tell you how many people I have either directly taught or taken other classes that stop using EFT within days to weeks of leaning it.

Here are some common reasons that people stop using EFT:

  • I don’t remember how to do it
  • Which one do you start with first
  • I don’t know what to do it on anymore
  • I have no real reason
  • I don’t remember what to say or don’t k now how to say it

For many people EFT can be a way out of suffering. That is if you do the work.
So, how did I remedy this, or at least attempt to remedy this? First, these classes are always changing. We constantly ask for feedback about how things did or did not work. We have gone through many revisions of this class.

We have streamlined how to do this technique into a worksheet format. This puts the basic information all on one page. The first half of the core seminar on work-shopping the worksheet so that by then end of the first half you should have several things to work on yourself and you know where to go to from there.

I also took some of the extremely important but possibly confusing information out of the introduction or basic class. There is a lot of information about why and how EFT works in our original classes. It is great to know but for the most part it does not help much for the beginner.

The two advanced topics that we will cover are triggers and core issues. We will go over these two topics in the second half of the class. This material is more advanced so we will go as far as our understanding will take us. We have two goals for this section:

  • First, how to detect and overcome triggers – Once you really understand what a trigger really is, you will see how much triggers rule your life.
  • Second, to understand core issuesCore issues are the real basis behind EFT. We will discuss this and go into generalizations. This topic can be very heavy for many beginners. So, we want you to walk away with something you can work with.

Remember this class is for a basic understanding of these topics. Our Next Step classes and audio programs will go deeper into triggers and core issues. The Next Step programs are a must for people looking to advance their consciousness, remove interference, attract things into their lives, or overcome other obstacles.

I would also like to impress on anyone who is going to participate that this is a hands on type of class. We will walk each person through the basic worksheet so you have something solid you can work on when you leave class. Also we find that listening to other people walk through the process helps to solidify the information. So be prepared to do some work here.

Sometimes we have very heavy things we want to work on and might not want to share it with a group of people. If that is your case, when at the workshop please pick something to work on that you are comfortable with sharing.

We are also in the works of implementing an accountability program for anyone who could use it. We provide EFT consulting for development of your EFT skills. The EFT consultation is usually a one on one program.

See you there.

Live Well
Dr. Joseph DuChene, Jr.