Allergies tearing your health apart?

The more we learn about allergies and how your immune system reacts to them, the more we understand about the destruction it can do to your body and nervous system.

There are many ways to approach allergies. Anywhere from blood tests to just plane old guessing. There is another way to test that does not require blood work but can be about as reliable as blood work. This method uses muscle testing to figure out what you are allergic to.

Reliability of muscle testing and allergies

A big question I often get is: how reliable is muscle testing for allergies?

The answer is: if the person doing the testing knows how to do it correctly than it is extremely reliable.

The research points out that just muscle testing with no training or experience decreases the reliability of muscle testing for allergies. It also points out that following a protocol for muscle testing increases the reliability of muscle testing for allergies.

What kind of allergies can you test with muscle testing?

  • Things you eat
  • Things you breathe in
  • Things you are in contact with
  • EMF radiation – more of a sensitivity but reacts the same

So, how do I know if someone is testing me correctly?

Many people who muscle test just put a bottle or something close and test a muscle. If you stop there then you can be missing many allergies. You may react to something that you put close to the body. You also might not react to it. Your biochemistry has to react to the substance for a good test.

Here is a good place to note that the allergies we are testing are NOT your major anaphylaxis types of allergies. It is not recommended to test severe allergies this way. So, please don’t do that.

The important thing is that your neurology experiences the substance you are testing. You can taste, touch or smell the substance and test for it. I usually use smell because it is easier and takes less time. Please don’t skip this step. I have came across many people who have had muscle testing and missed allergies because they skipped this important test.

Can I overcome my allergies?

Many of them you can and some of them you cannot. If the allergy is genetic then no. If the allergy is acquired then yes.

Genetic allergies

What I am calling genetic allergies here are genetic deficiencies that show in the body as an allergy. So, it is not really an allergy but more of a sensitivity that can create allergies. An allergy is an immune system response and it is provoked by the genes not producing something in the body.

Acquired allergies

Through a poor lifestyle you can really create almost any disease you can think of. Acquired allergies come from a breakdown in the body’s natural barriers. There are many reasons for this. The good part is if you restore health then the allergies can go away.

Getting help

I am taking my time explaining these things in different blog posts because there is a lot of information in allergies and I want you to get it. Eliminating the offending substance is the first step in helping the body heal.

There are many techniques and nutrition programs that can help the body heal faster and with many of them you should get some help with these programs. If you know your way around nutrition I would say go for it. If you are new you should really get some help. You will save a ton of money on nutrition by getting the right supplements.

If you suffer with allergies and can’t stand it anymore contact us today. I use Applied Kinesiology with chiropractic and nutritional therapies to help the body heal itself. An allergy is the result of a dysfunction of the body and I use these techniques to restore function of the body.