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Chiropractic: lymphatic headaches

Your lymphatic system covers the entire body. Part of its role is with the immune system and as part of its role it usually carries a lot of toxins.

We find that as your lymphatics get clogged up they can cause pain and sometimes referred pain.

When looking at severe headaches I want to look outside of the box. Because what a lot of people do does not really work and it does not really make sense to do the same thing that does not work for you that the other person is not doing. One of these areas we check is your lymphatics.

How to know if I have a lymphatic headache?

Lymphatic headaches start in the back of the neck just below the skull. The story goes, I start to get some pain in the neck and as it progresses it goes through your skull through your forehead.

If that is something you experience then you might have a lymphatic headache.

There are different treatment modalities that can really help: lymphatic drainage massage, or specialty applied kinesiology massage. These type of techniques works really well with these types of headaches.

If you have these types of headaches it makes sense that other treatments do not really work. Because, you need to treat the lymphatic system if that is where the problem is.

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