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Golf performance: posture

I am a golf performance chiropractor. I am the person who gets your joints, muscles and nerves working the way they are supposed to. That way your body can perform the way it needs to.

I do not do anything with technique although you need good technique. I do not do a whole lot with tools, props and clubs. You have people to do those things for you.

What my job is to make your body working the way it is supposed to work.

Today we will talk about posture. Every golfer that comes in and has a problem has at least a little bit of a posture problem and that can cause a big issue.

We want to look at the flexion and extension thoracic spine. When the spine is straight you are able to get that rotation you are looking for.

A home exercise

Get into a position and hunch your shoulder and see how far you can rotate your shoulders.

Now take the opposite position get a neutral spine, activate your spine and see how far you can now rotate. Look at how much more you can rotate.

As many of you know if you can get 10-15 degrees of extra rotation on your back swing that can improve your game a lot.

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