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Golf performance: balance and golf performance

This is a big topic in many communities. I am going to explain a little about the neurology involved.

One area that every golfer can improve upon is balance.

There are two types of balance problems. The first one is technique related. If you have this then go to your golf instructor and have them look at your swing.

The type of balance I am talking about today involves your vestibular system: your eyes, ears, joints and brain.

The basic balance test:

  1. Get into a door jam or someplace safe and stand on one leg with your eyes open. Do this on both sides. You should be able to do this for 10 seconds without excessive movement or losing your balance. If you cannot do this then stop here because you have a real balance problem.
  2. Next do the same one legged standing with your eyes closed. The PGA norms for this test is about 15 seconds. But, you can shoot for a higher number because it is pretty easy to fix this.
  3. If you find that you have excessive movement or you are out of balance with your eyes closed then you are developing a balance problem and it is affecting your game. You cannot have the golf game you want with bad balance.

The best way to fix your balance is to test it and practice it.

The best thing about this test is that it is also the fix. When you stand there with your eyes open you are training your brain. So, the more you do this test the better your balance will get. Start with practicing your balance  one or two times a day for about 10 seconds with eyes open and eyes closed.

a couple minutes a day and you can definitely improve your balance and golf game.

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