Dr. Joseph DuChene DC
Your Wellness Minute

Stress: Stress eating, emotional eating

This is a big topic in many communities. I am going to explain a little about the neurology involved.

You have two areas of your nervous system. You have the stress portion of the nervous system and the resting and digestion portion that slows things down. The resting and digesting portion is called the para sympathetic system.

The body seeks balance. So, when we have the stress portion of the nervous system we need something to drive the parasympathetic system. Because only one system can operate at one point in time.

So, as we eat food we excite parasympathetic cranial nerves. Because this resting and digesting system has a lot of nerves that go to our taste buds. As we eat food and taste food it will excite the para sympathetic system reducing stress.

When you add a blood sugar problem to the picture this is where the overeating, especially those foods you are not supposed to eat, really picks up.

If you can help your blood sugar system and take care of your stress the emotional eating and overeating should start to go away.

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