Shoulder stability for your golf swing

Shoulder stability will help you gain power, consistency and accuracy to your golf game.

As a chiropractor I help golfers by improving how their body works. I find that the majority of golfers I work with, both amateur and professional, have some sort of shoulder stability problems.

Preventing a shoulder problem

I see a good amount of shoulder problems in my office. I also see a good amount of shoulder problems in the golfers I work with.

Your body stabilizes an area to prevent injury and transmit force. As a golfer you know that the body creates a lot of force and torque during the swing. If your body cannot lock your shoulder down during the swing, any other swing faults aside, you are opening your shoulder up for injury.

Where does lack of stability start?

If we want to chase the chain all the way to the beginning it would start from lack of mobility in your thoracic spine. Some signs that you might have this would be lack of flexibility of the upper back, stiff upper back, a hard time rotating your shoulders or an excessively curved upper back sometimes called “c”posture.

The muscle that is most likely involved would be the serratus anterior muscle. I have found that exercise of this muscle will give you some extra stability but won’t really fix the muscle. So when if you think you have a shoulder stability issue you can use the exercise to get some extra stability when you need it until you get full resolution of your shoulder problem.

Test before and after you exercise and stretch

Do a couple practice swings before and after you stretch and do these exercises. This will give you an idea of if and how much these recommendations will help your swing. Remember technique is very important but if your body is not working then technique can only take you so far.

Exercise to increase stability:

We will focus on getting some flexibility in the thoracic spine and stability of the serratus anterior muscle. I have found the simplest exercise for this one. Get a beach ball and put it on the wall. Put your hand on the ball and stabilize the shoulder and lightly push the ball into the wall. You only need to do this a handful of times to get the muscle working again.

Flexibility of the thoracic spine:

The best way to do this is to take a foam roller and use it as a fulcrum on the floor. You will lay on the foam roller, raise your hips on the foam roller and roll your back on the foam roller. This is best used with thoracic adjustments from a chiropractor.

Where to go next

These exercises and stretches can be used alone but are best used as part of a program to fix thoracic mobility and shoulder stability. If you are having problems with either of these and would like some answers and help please call us. I have helped a lot of people either get their swing back or improve their swing by improving thoracic mobility and shoulder stability.