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This program is for those who have experience in muscle testing and those who have no training. I find that our approach to learning this skill has helped people of all experience levels. Muscle testing can be a very useful tool so come and learn how to do it right.

Muscle testing is used for many different reasons. I use this as a Chiropractor to find associated symptoms and what is causing them. I am teaching this to everyone so that you can bring this amazing communication method home and apply this to your skills.

Some things we will go over

  • One point muscle testing
  • Two point muscle testing
  • Basic allergy testing (food, airborne/environmental, contact, EMF)
  • Energy nutrition testing for supplements,  homeopathics, essential oils, herbs, or any other product
  • Neuro/biochemical nutrition testing
  • Two muscle groups
  • Self muscle testing
  • What makes up a good muscle test
  • Common problems that decrease reliability of muscle testing
  • What to use muscle testing for
  • How the body works
  • How to bring emotions into muscle testing for techniques like EFT

This is a 3 hour workshop with hands on.

I am having two classes on the 31st. I choose to do this to be flexible in the schedule. Both classes cover the same material. I have the first from 9-12 and the second class from 1-4. Pick the class that best fits your schedule.

Feel free to bring things you think you are allergic to muscle test.

Cost: $65 if registered and paid on/before the 28th, $100 at the door

IMPORTANT: We only have 10 spots open for each class.

To register email  or call (254) 214-2354

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