What if EFT does not work?

From my experience, many people eventually stumble upon  EFT because they are looking for something that works. The testimonials and videos out there for EFT build a very strong case that EFT can help or eliminate pain and other health problems. But, what if I learn EFT and it does not work for me? There are a couple ways of looking at this question.

I have not learned EFT and this seems like it could help me. What if EFT does not work or what if EFT does not help me?

Reasons to try EFT

  • It can only help
  • Very easy to learn
  • Once you learn it you can use it for many different things
  • You have nothing to lose by trying it

First, EFT is a very safe technique. There are many things you can try or have tried that may have some kind of side effect or other thing you may have to deal with. With EFT it either helps or it doesn’t. When it doesn’t help there can be a couple of reasons for this.

I have tried EFT and it just has not helped me.

Not all problems can be solved with EFT. But, here are a couple of things that you can look for that will increase effectiveness of EFT. Sometimes the method of EFT you learned is not working for you not the EFT process itself.

Don’t use other peoples magic phrase

EFT is about balancing your body out to the triggers and core issues you have, not your authors problem. EFT works better when you make it personal to your needs.

Not getting down to what is really going on

Many of our experiences are not what is really going on. Many times our experiences are a window into what is really going on. So, don’t get stuck on the obvious part of the problem and look past it.

Even if you tried EFT and it did not work for you, you can still change it up to get results. There is more than one way to use this technique. As long as you keep this in mind you can do a lot with EFT.

At DuChene Natural Health Center we do trainings for Introspective EFT. Introspective EFT is a process that I developed to help you figure out what is going on behind a problem so that EFT can be more effective. I do local training and can travel to train groups to do EFT. Contact us at the office for more information

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