EFT Training

EFT has the potential of being the most powerful thing you could learn for your health. You can eliminate pain right now. You can have better digestion now. You can feel better now. If you choose.

Each person responds differently based upon what they want to achieve and how they were taught to use EFT. This training will give you the inner workings of EFT. I call this inner working method the Introspective EFT™ process.

Introspective EFT™ process

Using this process you will be able to figure out the core issue behind what you are tapping on. This makes the tapping more effective and more efficient. The results will be bigger, more sweeping,last longer and take significantly less time to tap.

If you are willing to learn and willing to make changes then this class is for you.

What are we going to cover?


These elicit a subconscious reaction. Learn how to find them and use them to find things you did not know were there.

Core issues

The main thing that is going on behind your symptoms. This is what most people who do EFT want to find but are not really taught how to get to them.

Subconscious reaction

This is the pre programing that you acquired as early as in the womb. These programs account for many hidden drives and actions that you take.


The process of using Acupuncture points to balance the energy of the body eliminating emotional stress and anything that it is causing.

Introspective EFT™ process

The process of going beyond the surface emotions and problems to target core issues and learn about yourself.

Introspective EFT™ walk through

My focus of any class that I do is to make sure you can do what I am teaching. For those who want to participate, we will be walking you through the Introspective EFT™ process. This part of the program will tie it all together for you.

28th of April at DuChene Natural Health Center

Starting at: 10:00 ending around 5:00

Cost: 65$ if paid before 25th 100$ at the door

Seating limited to first 10 people

Contact Dr. DuChene at (254) 214 – 2354 or

Email drjoseph@duchenenaturalhealth.com to register

 For those not in the Dallas area and still wanting a class Dr. DuChene can come to you for a class. Please contact him about setting up a class.

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