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Chiropractic: Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Neuro Emotional Technique now this is a stress relief technique. We recognize that there are different things causing spinal adaptation and painĀ  inside of the body. Three of the major causes are biochemical, trauma and stress.

Not a lot of chiropractors deal with stress. Actually not a lot of doctors really deal with stress because what do you really do to help stress?

NET was a huge answer to what to do about that. We are able to see how different things we have experienced are affecting us right now. Different insecurities, self esteem issues or problems we have different roles we play in our life are all affecting us right now.

NET is a technique we use in our office to help with these stressors. It uses muscle testing and spinal adjustments to figure out if these things are being stored in the body. NET is also used help relieve these stressors stored inside of the body.

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