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Chiropractic minute: Causes of sharp low back pain

Today we are going to be talking about low back pain.

The type of low back pain and pain pattern I want to talk about is a really sharp grabbing pain in the back of the hip. When looking at low back pain there are a lot of different sources and reasons. This one hurts a whole lot. A lot of times when you have this you can’t or don’t want to move a whole lot and is sharp and stabbing.

Where does this come from?

This comes from an area called your SI joint. This is where you hips attach into the sacrum at the bottom of your spine. That area gets inflamed for a lot of reasons. We could call this a sprain/strain. This is where you have a soft tissue injury and joint irritation.

This could be very easy to remedy.

What could provide relief is lying on your back. Mostly lying on your back will support your pelvis and should make things feel better. It will not make things go away but will make it feel better.

When you lay face down it will make things worse. If you like to sleep on your belly then this may cause sleep problems for you. Because the more you lay on your belly it will aggravate your low back and you will wake up in the middle of the night.

There is a great technique that we have used for this type of low back complaint called SOT or sacro occipital technique. I find that for this type of low back complaint that this can remedy in the first visit.

If you have this kind of pain which is sharp and grabbing in the back you might want to give a chiropractor a call and see if that is something that they can help you with.

Thank you.

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