Chiropractic minute: A main cause of headaches

Today we are talking about headaches and pain in the head. Most specifically we are going to talk about the cause of headaches.

There are several different types of headaches you can have. I want to tackle this from a physical standpoint. Out of all the headaches I see this is one that I see the most often. This is a postural type of headache. It does not really matter where you are feeling it in the head.

The postural headache comes from the joints of your neck or neck and head not working correctly. So, you are getting mechanical problems like joints grinding and causing pain in the head. This could cause pain that moves into the head.

The problem could come from the muscles. If the head is not where it is supposed then there will be a lot of stress on the muscles. Then you will develop myofascial trigger points in the muscles. They will refer pain into the head. Go to Google and look up myofascial trigger points and look at the pictures of the pain patterns. All of the muscles of the head and neck refer pain into the head. Many of them are predictable and some are more common than others.

How to fix a lot of this?

The best plan of action to fix the postural headache and restore your posture. is a combination of rehab, soft tissue and chiropractic.  When you have those three together you will get better results.

The soft tissue work helps you get your muscles working better.  So, when your chiropractor adjusts you, your adjustments will hold better.

As you hold your adjustments better your rehab and exercise is to retrain the muscles on what normal is supposed to be.

We want good massage therapy or massage release, we want chiropractic care to get the bones in alignment and nervous system working good and we want to exercise and train the neck and upper back to help it figure out what it is supposed to do and when is it supposed to do it.

Many people will find that the headaches, neck problems, neck pain, neck stiffness will go away and it stays away. It does not come back like when taking an aspirin.
This is one main cause of headaches. If you think this is something you have please contact somebody right away.

Thank you.

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