Burst training: Work out in minutes, burn fat for hours!

For those of you who have been around us for a while remember the talk about burst training and its weight loss advantage. I have been looking and looking for a program that was easy for people to do at home. The search is over! I have found something that can work at home with little to no equipment.

So, are you ready to burn some fat today?

What is burst training?

Burst training is a high intense exercise program that uses the hormones of the body to help burn fat. High intense exercise also uses fat as its primary fuel source.

The burn calories to lose weight model is outdated and does not really work. Normal aerobic exercise kicks out a bunch of estrogen, cortisol and insulin. Each of those hormones tells your body to put the fat on. You can probably see why it is hard to lose weight using just aerobic exercise.

Burst training can fit ALL of your workout needs. You can even improve your cardio buy giving up your aerobic exercise and moving to burst training. When you achieve this high intensity exercise your body will start to produce more testosterone and human growth hormone. Both of these hormones tell your body to BURN FAT!

You can go here to find out more about burst training!

BEWARE of the imposter burst training!

Without getting into the deep science of it, your body responds to the high intense exercise by helping you burn fat. These exercises are high intensity and low time. There are many people who claim to be doing burst training. There is a difference between calling something burst training and actually doing it.

One sign that you are not doing true burst training is the time frame of your workout.

The time interval for your burst should not go over one minute. If you can go over a minute in your burst then you are not achieving the intensity you need to get the benefits of burst training. Once your burst goes over one minute you are not longer doing burst training and you will not get the results of burst training.

You can achieve results with only three minutes of exercise a day!

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The program we found, recommends a warmup and stretching period before the burst. The warmup and stretching are recommended to prevent you from injuring yourself. A good warmup has been shown to prevent injury before doing any exercise. So, it is good to not only do a warmup before you do your burst but also before you do any form of exercise or working out.

A sign that you are doing burst training!

When doing this high intense exercise you are looking to feel a deep burn in the muscles you are working out. This deep burn in the belly of the muscle is a sign that you are getting the intensity you need to burn fat and push out some fat burning hormones. This is something that I look for when working out and so should you.

Burst training can be done at home!

You can do burst training at home, work or anywhere really. This is a style of working out. You also do not need any special equipment to get started.

If you like the online program you can take it with you anywhere you go and even get it on your mobile phone. So, no more excuses for not working out.

Does this really work?

I have personally used this method to lose 35 pounds in a two month period. You can do burst training in as little as three, one minute bursts every day or even every other day. If you put forth the effort with this program you will love the results!

There is a FAQ and some research on their website here!

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BURSTClub Rocks!

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