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The six essentials

The six essentials are different areas of your lifestyle that you are either cultivating health or creating disease. The focus of the six essentials is how they either alkalize the body or acidify the body. The six essentials are what and how you eat, drink, breathe, exercise, rest and think. How and what you think is the most important because it can change your health faster than all the other essentials.


This is a basic introduction into some main topics of how what you drink can increase or destroy your health. Here are a couple introductory topics and information to get you started.

We drink something on a daily basis with almost every meal. How often have you though about the health implications of what you drink. Improving on what you drink can change your energy level, help you loose weight and overall make you feel better. Following are some basics for you to look at.


First sign of dehydration… Fatigue

If there is one think that almost everybody I talk to would like, I would say that it is more energy. How many people do you know drag themselves out of bed in the morning because they didn’t sleep well or need that energy drink or coffee to get moving in the morning? Do you feel energized at the end of a day or wiped out?

Our body needs water to process/make energy. It is as simple as that. First thing that happens in dehydration is that our metabolism, energy production, starts to slow down. If you feel dehydrated then you have been dehydrated for hours.

We need to drink water on a daily basis. You should drink about 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day. This is a bare minimum. So, if you are really active you should drink more water

Salt water and other alkaline drinks to help hydrate the body

A way to increase hydration is to add some minerals to the water. As minerals cross into the body it drags water in with it. You can add things like sea salt, lemon or other types of mineral drops to increase flow of water into the body. This is usually helpful when you are thirsty and cannot seem to drink enough water.

Alkaline drinks

green drinks

A great way to concentrate minerals to alkalize the body is to incorporate green drinks. Green drinks can be in the form of juiced vegetables up to smoothies and blended vegetables. Each has its pros and cons but if you are trying to alkalize the body each works. Juicing is the fastest way to alkalize by using green drinks because your body does not have to process it as much as raw vegetables.

Smoothies tend to be the favorite because they usually taste better. Just watch out for the fruit juices and sugar as additives to smoothies. These additives can take a great alkalizing drink and acidify it very quickly.

alkaline water vs. alkaline water

There are several ways to create alkaline water. You can add minerals to water to alkalize it. You can add lemon to water to alkalize it. You can also buy a water alkalizer. The best way to alkalize by making water like this would be to consume something as close to nature as you can. This would be in the form of adding lemon to the water.

The water alkalizers are a new product and some people seem to get results with them. I have seen that those who are really sick seem to benefit the most from them and those who drink it as a preventative seem to react to them. The most common reaction is acid reflux. Possibly from buffering the stomach acid and reducing the body’s ability to digest.

Consuming dehydrating drinks like coffee and soda

How to destroy your health

Stimulants and drinks like coffee, soda and energy drinks not only rob your body of alklizing minerals, they also dehydrate the body. This is why when you take stimulants to get you through the day you end up having to do more the next time to get the same response. You are slowly destroying your health by consuming these on a daily basis. This will eventually increase full body inflammation and your body will start breaking itself down.

Action steps

  1. Make sure you are hydrating. Ideally you should be drinking about 1/2 your body weight in water per day. Use this as your goal. If that is too much then start small. Try drinking one glass of water per day. Also add some sea salt or lemon to your water to increase the alkalization and absorption of the water.
  2. Incorporate green drinks into your daily or weekly routine. You can make these at home with a juicer. I am also finding that more natural supermarkets are hand making their own green drinks. Remember you want more vegetables and less fruits when choosing a green drink.
  3. Kick off your digestion and increase alkalizaiton by drinking apple cider vinegar in water with your meals. This is a good digestive tonic, will help with digestion and if you use naturally fermented ACV you also can get probiotics and alkalizing minerals.
  4. Stay clear from coffee, soda or any other drink with a lot of sugar and caffeine. These things dehydrate the body and leave an acid residue in the blood that will tear your health down. These may stimulate you in the short term but your metabolism will pay for it in the long run creating a dependance on these products.


I have worked with many people getting their pH straight and coaching them on the 6 essentials. If you feel that you could use some more information or some coaching on the topics that we go over, especially for the 6 essentials for your health, contact me as soon as you can.

Dr. DuChene

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