Muscle testing is a big part of my practice. Muscle testing helps me find out what is causing problems in your body. I can test food sensitivities, acupuncture imbalances, lymphatic congestion, crano sacral imbalance, spinal subluxation and much more. Since I am a holistic chiropractor I find this tool extremely valuable.

I am taking this awesome technique and teaching it to you. This is an introductory class. I have had many people come up to me and ask me how to do this correctly that it compelled me to teach this class.

Most of what you may have been taught about muscle testing could be wrong!

12th of December at 1:00

Class will be about 4 hours long.

At: DuChene Natural Health Center
5206 McKinney Ave Ste 102
Dallas, TX 75205
(254) 214-2354

To muscle test you really need to have a partner. So, we offered a discounted price for 2 people to attend together.



We will be teaching:

  • How to muscle test correctly
  • How to know if a muscle can be used to test
  • Factors that alter all muscle tests
  • How to test energy nutrition
  • How to test neuro/biochemical nutrition
  • How to test for nutritional sensitiviy/allergies
  • How to test for homeopathic remidies
  • How to muscle test for EFT
  • How to muscle test for emotions

This is a workshop not a lecture. We will be having plenty of time to workshop every aspect of what we are teaching.

If you are interested in this class but cannot attend!
We try to have a time frame that can fit every schedule. We do our best but unfortunately cannot match every schedule.

To make up for this we are offering something different.

We are offering the ability for you to host this class for your friends, family or groups you belong to. Please contact us if you would like to do this. We will go over the details with you.