lymphatic migraine headaches

lymphatic migraine headachesThe allergy lymphatic migraine headache

I have helped many people with all kinds of headaches. This allergy, lymphatic, migraine connection was an observation I made by working on people with very severe headaches or migraine headaches. Basically finding out why they were having these headaches. The good part is if you have these headaches you can find fast relief by making very simple changes.

What is this?

Most people will have the same presentation for these headaches. It starts in the upper neck and feels like it shoots either through the skull or through the face. The pain can be very intense and I usually find that it is dull and diffuse in nature. Many time you will find the neck very sore or sharp to the touch if you massage your neck.

Cause of these types

The pain that you feel for these types of headaches comes from lymphatic congestion inside of the upper cervical spine. This is why when feeling the soft tissue in the neck it is very tender to even sharp when touching the muscles.

Why is the lymphatic congestion there?

I see two major reasons for this.

First is allergies.

You could be allergic to something you eat, drink, breathe or in contact with. So, the list is pretty much limitless. Many of these people find that they have certain food triggers for there headaches like milk or wheat products.

Second is digestive problems.

This can be anywhere from the stomach on down. I have also found that the degree of problem does not change presentation much. This could also represent the inability to digest carbohydrates or fats. This can be a little harder to nail down.

Lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system carries a fluid called lymph through the body. The channels are very superficial and pumped by pressure on the channels. When flow stagnates and slows down the fluid begins to gel, harden and become painful either on palpation or if severe enough cause pain in general. There are other common pain patterns that I will post for on this blog.

What can I do for them

Allergy lymphatic migraine headaches

First, if you know your trigger then just stay away. If you are allergic to something then you are allergic to it. It really does not matter how much you eat. So, no cheating unless you enjoy your head pain.

Second, if you suspect you have allergies then just cut the food out. I have had many conversations with people who suspected they were allergic but were just waiting for permission to cut it out of the diet. By cutting it out of the diet you should notice headaches decrease in frequency and intensity.

Third, get checked out by someone who can help you with allergies and lymphatics. Many people work with allergies. The best case would be working with someone who already knows how to look for the connection between lymphatics, allergies and headaches that way you don’t have to ask them to check for something they don’t know how to check. Best case scenario would be a Chiropractor who knows Applied Kinesiology.

Digestive lymphatic migraine headaches

First, i would find a natural health provider that can meet your needs for digestive health. You can find relief with a Naturopath, Acupuncturist, or Chiropractor.

This can be a little hard to work with on your own. The good news is that I found a supplement that really works for a lot of people and it even has a money back guarantee.

Iaso Tea

This herbal tea has worked really well for many people with digestive problems and I have seen it work for people who have these types of headaches. If you want to take this it would be recommended that you check with your doctor before trying it to make sure it is right for you.

How can I get help?

At DuChene Natural Health Center I use Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing to find out why people have the health concerns they have. I have found this to be extremely valuable and part of the reason why I people come to me when all other methods fail.

I provide fee consults for those who take their health seriously and want to see if we can help them. If you take your health seriously and looking for some real change contact us today to schedule a consult.