Many people are looking for pain relief

There are millions of people in pain right now and every day. Some have been experiencing this type of pain for years and some for months. Daily pain is an epidemic.

Right now many people remain in pain because the treatments they are getting are not really working for them or they drop out of care because they don’t feel that there pain is being treated aggressively.

There are many “other” ways you can overcome pain. I provide many of those other ways in my office and wanted to share one advanced pain modality with you that could change your life.

Tennant Biomodulator

I came across the Tennant Biomodulator and was extremely impressed with it. I have seen this device help relieve pain and allow people to function so they can do what the need to so they can get better. I was initially invited to attend one of his introductory seminars t learn more about the Biomodulator.

Healing is voltage

The body works best in an alkaline environment. Dr Tennant talked about how pain is involved with the body being acid and not being alkaline. Alkaline is a measurement of pH and he talked about how pH can also be measured in voltage as well. What I though was very amazing is that the Biomodulator can measure the voltage of different parts of your body.

If you have low voltage then you will have more pain.

Healing pain

There is pain and then there is healing pain. What I found is that after treatment pain would change. I did not understand this point until this class. The sharp and consistent pain comes from low voltage. Once the voltage gets back to normal the sharp pain moves to a pulsing pain.

So, after treatment pulsing pain means that your body is in a place for healing.

 Advanced pain settings

There are two types of treatment settings for the Tennant Biomodulator.

Ten/Eight setting

The first setting is called a ten/eight setting and this is a pain setting that can help most people. This is also a setting to increase voltage of any part of the body. This is the setting that many people will start with.


This is an advanced pain relief setting that uses a programed variable frequency. This variable frequency changes the intensity of the treatment voltage. This feels like the intensity is moving up and down. This variable frequency gets to deeper areas of the body for a different type of pain relief.

You can get pain relief from the Tennant Biomodulator!

The Tennant Biomodulator is a modality that I use in the office daily and I have seen the results. You can also see these results from the Tennant Biomodulator. There are a couple of ways you can move forward:

  1. You can contact me at DuChene Natural Health Center for a consultation and/or treatment with the Tennant Biomodulator
  2. If you want more information you can look on this blog for more posts on the Tennant Biomodulator
  3. You can attend one of the seminars that Dr Tennant puts on. Many of them are in the Dallas area.
  4. You can contact Senergy Medical group for some more information. You can Contact Karla Bass at (866) 514-8221 for any information about Dr Tennant’s seminars, books and information and she know a ton about the Tennant Biomodiulator.