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Your Feet Can Be Causing Your Back Pain

Pain is not often restricted to the area that hurts.

For example, when you notice that your shoulders hurt, it is usually because of something that is going on with your neck or back or spine. The problem is not constrained to the shoulders only. If you seek medical attention from a holistic practitioner, such as a chiropractor, your diagnosis and treatment will be based on a comprehensive review and exam. Knowing that, it might not come as any surprise that the back pain you have noticed might be due to your feet. A direct link has been established between your feet and your lower back, and treatments are being explored that will help your pain management and prevention.

Your foot pressure can affect how your back works and feels.

Everyone stands differently. If you are standing flat footed, the construction of your foot and the way it holds your body impacts the way you move. You might have a flat foot that pulls on your spine and back as you walk and move. Your arch might be curved so that other muscles and ligaments in your body work harder or overcompensate for what your feet should be doing. Any change in the way you move will have the potential to affect your back. If the feet start standing or moving differently, your back will notice and could begin to hurt.

Your joints can be treated by chiropractors or other medical practitioners, and you should receive a thorough physical exam if you arrive for an appointment with complaints of back pain. While linking the feet to pain in your back has been studied and documented by researchers and practitioners, not everyone has embraced it. Talk to your chiropractor or doctor about the possibility, and ask your health care provider to take a look at the way you stand and how your feet pronate. Establishing the strengths and challenges of your foot posture might help you and your provider treat and manage your back pain. Engage in any treatments that are recommended, such as spinal manipulation, hot and cold treatments and electrical stimulation. If you find nothing is working to eliminate or lessen your back pain, consider the impact your feet might be having on that part of your body.

Pain management needs to begin with a holistic approach.

If your back has just begun hurting, or the pain has been chronic, it can be tempting to focus solely on the back. However, the way you walk, stand, sit and move has a direct impact on your back and the muscles that affect it. Examine your entire spine and ask a qualified medical expert to take a look at your feet. You might be surprised at the relationship between your feet and your back problems.

This post was written for Duchene Natural Health Center by Dr. David Kulla.

Dr. Kulla is a licensed New York City chiropractor and owner of Synergy Wellness in Manhattan.