Custom orthotic sale!

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One thing that we really specialize in at DuChene Natural Health Center is doing what it takes to get results. That is the reason why we brought in and recommend custom orthotics to those who need it.

How do you know if you need custom orthotics?

There are several tests we do in the office to figure out if you need orthotics or it will improve your spine, posture and performance. One of the biggest tools that we have is the Footlevelers computer program and scanner. The scanner really tells us how the arches in your foot are doing.

As you can see from the screen shot below that it not only shows you the quality of the arches, it also shows you the pelvic distortions that come from them. Like in the picture, if the arches in your left foot have fallen then it causes a rotation in the knee and a dip in the same side hip. This can cause the spine to twist and rotate.

This is super important because this increases the need for Chiropractic care. Yes, Custom orthotics from Footlevelers can reduce your need for Chiropractic care.

footlevelers custom orthotics

The Foot Scan

The foot scan shot below shows you how detailed the scan can be. The feet on the right represent good arches. The feet on the left are the scanned feet. This not only gives you a really good visual for what your arches are doing. But, it also measures this and provided a Pronation index number. This number tells how much of a need you have for orthotics based upon the scan.

orthotic foot scan

 So, what is the special we are running?


Right now all orthotics are now 150$ until October 18th, 2013!

Normally these orthotics can cost up to 350$ per pair. Now you can only get them for 150 per pair. That is up to 200 dollars of the regular price!

So how can I take advantage of this?

All you need to do is call us and schedule an examination to asses need of orthotics. Our examinations cost 65$. You can call us at (254) 214-2354 to schedule your appointment today!

This examination will cover:

  1. bone alignment of the feet, lower extremity and low back
  2. muscle testing of the lower extremity
  3. Navicular drop test, to test for arch depth when standing
  4. Computer scan of the feet for arch analysis and pronation index number
  5. Other types of testing as necessary to help solve your problem!

*Medicare rules apply.