Natural health


Vol. 6 Issue 32

What was considered a landmark study in the late 1960’s proved that even a minimal period of physical inactivity can result in serious deterioration in cardiovascular fitness and work capacity.

The study began in 1966 with five healthy Texans in their 20s — and resulted in five overweight, out-of-shape men in their 50s, who proved that it is never too late to begin exercising.

The five men, decades later — who were overweight and did not exercise — started an aerobic exercise program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

The men walked, jogged or cycled for 30 minutes the first week, then increased 5-10% each week for six months. By the end of the program they were exercising four hours per week.

“Remarkably, within six months the men restored their cardiovascular fitness to what it had been years earlier, before they went on bed rest — and they lost an average of 10 pounds,” according to researcher Darren McGuire.

SOURCE: “Activity Matters,”Nutrition Action Healthletter, January/February, 2002, p. 10.