Dr. Joseph DuChene DC
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Stress and stress relief: Burst training

Burst training is an exercise you can do to relieve stress.

When we experience an event that is stressful and our body goes through a biochemical and hormonal change that ramps up everything inside of the body and we need something to calm it down.

This mechanism is called a fight or flight mechanism. There is always a physical component that goes with it. For example when an animal jumps out at you, you either fight it off or run away.

With today’s stress it is more emotional than physical. So, a way to complete the physical component you can use exercise. If you don’t have that physical component that stress mechanism can last hours to days. With the physical component it can last minutes to seconds.

A great exercise that can help is one that will take your breath away; running up and down stairs, a bunch of squats, doing a couple of fast sprints. That will get the heart rate up and going and complete the stress cycle.

Your body wants that physical component to complete the stress mechanism and we are using exercise to complete the cycle.

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