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Could your back pain be all in your thoughts?

There are many sources for low back pain

Being a good doctor I look for many causes for your low back pain. I have seen referral pain from digestive distress, muscle spasm causing pain, your “hot” low back or low back disc problems. But, one cause of low back pain that many providers either don’t know about or don’t know what to do with is low back pain from your thoughts and emotions or in other words caused by stress.

Thoughts and emotions

Your nervous system controls every aspect of your health and the mind can alter our experience in the matter of seconds. When you experience some form of stress it changes how your body functions. One major area that is changed is muscle function. When under stress it can shut down your core muscle groups or stabilizing muscle groups which increase your chance for injury. This can happen to any and all muscle groups so these problems are not only limited to spine and low back.

How would I know if that is my kind of problem?

Many clients find me because other methods have not really worked for them. So, when I see someone who has been adjusted by many chiropractors with a combined experience level much greater than mine, I need to think different. I need to do something that they are not doing, to look where they are not looking. So, how would I suspect that this is the case?

Here are several ways for you to know if you might have this going on.

  • Traditional chiropractic and massage therapy does not work for you.

First, I go off the assumption that the person working with you knows what they are doing until proven otherwise. There are good ones and there are bad ones just like anything else in life.

We learn in school that stress is a cause for subluxation or misalignment of your spine causing nervous system dysfunction. If the underlying stress causing the misalignment then the subluxation will come back not too long after you get adjusted. So, I look for recurrent issues that should be better with treatment or for things that don’t add up. Many times the muscle guarding you see comes from the body trying to protect the low back.

  • ¬†What were you thinking when your back went out on you?

Many times when faced with a stressful problem we dwell on it. If your back went out on you by picking up a pillow on the ground or something similar, chances are it was what you were thinking about that caused your back to seize up not the pillow, unless that pillow was made from concrete.

Very simple, just ask yourself what was I thinking when my issue started and the issue could be anything not just pain. Traditional treatment can still help you feel better but, if you are looking for full resolution or you want to get to the cause then the stress must be dealt with.

What are my options?

I would like to note here that many manual therapies can release emotions in the body by the work that they do. But, sometimes just bodywork alone will not resolve the stress completely.


Just because traditional chiropractic might not be helping does not mean that chiropractic cannot help. There are several chiropractic techniques that could be extremely valuable. Seeking out chiropractors who do these techniques can help. Also these are not the only techniques

BEST Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique

BEST is a powerful technique that balances the energies of the body and clears emotions and thought patterns. It also advocates the use of alkalizing therapies and proactive lifestyle changes to regain your health.

NET Neuro Emotional Technique

NET is a technique using the spine and acupuncture to find the imbalances created by the negative thought patterns or emotions. This is a great technique to find hidden stress in your life.

NSA Network Spinal Analysis

The principle in NSA is very different than other techniques and that is why I love this technique. While most techniques weed out the bad, the focus of NSA is on expanding the good. This can be a very relaxing and energizing technique to experience.

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques and similar

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT uses acupressure points to balance the energies of the body creating harmony. This technique can be learned and you can do this at home. EFT is very portable and you can use this to overcome many different types of stress and emotions that you may experience. Many people find relief with this technique especially for those who experience pain.

These techniques can be found at DuChene Natural Health Center as well as other centers that could be close to you. Please look these up and if you think this information applies to you then contact someone to see if you can be helped by these techniques.

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  1. I completely agree that low back pain could be caused by stress. I see it all the time in my own patients. Dr. James Chestnut, D.C. talks about the “Physiology of the Stress Response” in his book “The Innate State of Mind & Emotional Hygiene”. It’s a great read!

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