Does something need to change and you don’t know where to start?
Do you seem to be stuck in a rut? Are you suffering with illness and nobody can seem to help? Is it becoming increasingly challenging to reach your goals?
We are offering a possible solution.
Everyone knows that when we become distracted or absorbed in our situation it can be very hard to work your way out. Where your mind goes your body follows. But how do we know when we have become distracted?
Come and learn an easy technique to get your mind in alignment with where you want to go. Many people have successfully used this technique to overcome health challenges, to reach goals, and to overcome obstacles. This class will give you that skill to take home.
What are we offering?
This is a 2 hour class The 13th of May at 6:00pm on Emotional Freedom Techniques. This version is very simple to learn and results can be immediate. This class is at DuChene Natural Health Center. Come prepared to do some work.
The Cost
This type of class normally costs around 200-400$. The cost of our class is 50$.
The Deal
We only have room for 10 people. We will let you in for 20$ if you complete the following:
Follow us on Facebook and make one post sharing the class
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