Relieve stress today!

Now that we are in a new office, we are going to be offering more EFT classes. We are going to be doing something a little different this time. Since this is later in the evening we will be providing a healthy dinner for you.

For those of you who do now know what EFT is: EFT is a stress reveling technique that uses acupressure points. Most of us cannot reduce the amount of stress that we have. But, we can lessen the destructive effects it has on our body!

The reason why this is an important class for you: As a Chiropractor I know how important it is to get adjusted and to keep your adjustment. I go above and beyond for my patients to make sure that they hold their adjustments longer. I know that if you hold your adjustments longer you will get better faster. This technique can help support your chiropractic adjustments!

I will have the specifics on our website. So, please visit us to find out more information about this.

Now that our new office is set up to do these classes, we will be doing them on a regular basis now.

Class specifics

This class will cover the basics of doing EFT. Many people have tried to learn this from the internet or through expensive seminars and still don’t know how to do this technique. My goal is that by the end of our class you should be able to do basic EFT at home and get results by doing it!

The class will be at DuChene Natural Health Center

8204 Elmbrook Dr Ste 104 Dallas, TX 75247

Class time: October 30th, 7:15-8:15

Cost of class is 45$

Please RSVP by calling us at (254)214-2354 or contact us through email

This class is open to the public and anyone can come. You do not have to be a patient here to attend this class or receive the benefit from this technique.

If you know someone that could benefit from learning the technique please pass this information on so we can help more people.

Here is another link for more EFT information!