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Weight loss and preventing weight gain: How we eat

How you eat can take healthy food and make it unhealthy. How you eat can also take unhealthy food and make it more digestible.

Your internal environment determines what happens to the food you are eating. So, if you are eating stressed you will not digest your food appropriately. This can make good organic food bad for your digestive system.

Eat in a stress free environment. Stress will shut down your digestive system. If you don’t digest your food you will end up with more toxicity in the system than vitamins and minerals.

Chew your food. Chewing is the first step in digestion. This will require you to slow down your eating. Take 20-30 bites before you swallow. You can get more nutrition from your food if you chew your food.

breathe in between bites. Your body need oxygen to produce energy. If you cannot burn energy you will not lose weight. This is part of the weight loss equation.

The holidays are coming up and your diet might not be ideal. You can use these tips to improve the digestibility of the food you are consuming.

If you eat in a stress free environment, eat slow and breathe in between bites. The digestibility will go up and the damage will be minimized and  the toxin load will be reduced. If the toxin load is reduced you can prevent gaining weight and you might even lose weight while doing this.

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