DuChene Natural Health Center: Chiropractic

Our purpose is to help as many people as we can achieve health.

We offer a free consultation because we want to make sure that you are in the right place to get the right treatment. There are many reasons why people choose us. Our methods help many traditional chiropractic problems like neck and back pain. We also have success in many conditions that you would not traditionally think of chiropractic for like TMJ problems, chronic pain, old sports injuries and other chronic problems.

To help achieve this goal we offer a free consultation to see if our wellness model will work for you. There is no obligation. Many of our patients have been to many other professionals who could not help them.

If your current methods are stagnating, frustrating your, and/or you just are not getting the progress you would like. Call us to set up a consultation to see if our wellness model will work for you.


Any chiropractor can adjust you. People choose us because we not only adjust you but we find out what caused this problem in the first place.


We help many people who have not found success with other models. Our success with these cases comes from several things we have to offer that other providers don’t:

  • Nervous system analysis for interference in the motor, sensory, and visceral interference
  • Analysis of spinal and extremity levels causing nervous system interference
  • Muscular assessment for neurological and visceral involvement and correlation
  • Referral pain patters and dysfunction
  • Trauma contributions to health concerns including posture analysis
  • Biochemical assessment
  • Stress indicators that detract from appropriate health
  • Emphasis on regaining health not eliminating symptoms

Contact us now to set up an appointment to see if our wellness model will work for you!

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