Natural health


Vol. 1 Issue 37

According to the front page of the “Life” section in the Toronto Star… “Chiropractors were right. Many headaches are caused by damaged structures in the neck – and scientific evidence proves it.”

The article interviewed a Toronto physician, Peter Rothbart, who concludes:

“We have been about to find an anatomical and physiological cause for many headaches. We’ve found damaged structures in the neck, and have gone on to prove they are the cause of the pain.
“We couldn’t believe it at first. We’ve been able to put together a scientific explanation for how neck structure causes headaches…”

In the past medical doctors have scorned the idea that neck problems cause headaches when it was suggested by chiropractors. But Rothbart says they will accept the anatomical research results.

Rothbart says doctors can check different bones in the neck to identify exactly where the problem is…If it is a structural problem that will respond to spinal manipulation, Rothbart refers the patient to a chiropractor to have it fixed.”

SOURCE: The Toronto Star, Thursday, December 28, 1995