Golf training: Having a hard time getting your glutes to fire? This could be why!

After working with many golfers there is one thing that I consistently hear. Especially if they are in a training program of any sorts. “I am having a hard time getting my glutes to fire.”

Your glutes are powerful

Your glutes are very important for many things. They are most commonly linked to power because you generate power from your hips. Your glutes are part of your core stabilizing muscles. The greater your ability to move your of gravity through your core and hips the more power you can generate. But, Problems with the glutes can contribute to accuracy and consistency in your golf game.

Consequences of glutes being weak

  • low core stability
  • Decreased power and distance
  • increased risk of spine injury on and/or off the course
  • Increased risk of hip, knee and ankle injury and/on or off the course
  • Low hip integrity
  • Decreased range of motion in the hips
  • Increased chance for postural problems during golf swing
  • Decreased accuracy
  • Decreased consistency

So, this article is for those of you who work day after day and still have problems with glute activation. I work different than most chiropractors and trainers when looking at glute activation. If you are exercising on a regular basis and your glutes are still having problems than that tells me there is something else wrong.

The answer

When bones are not in alignment then the nerves and muscles that go across them or associated with them don’t work correctly.

SI Joints

The first misalignment that can cause problems is your SI joints. Your SI joint is in-between your sacrum and your hip bones. Your glute max crosses the SI joint and is a main cause for inhibition of the glutes. For many of you who see a Chiropractor, this is why your low back and hips feel great after you get adjusted.  Chiropractic adjustments and appropriate therapy can help resolve this problem. I will have more blog posts about low back and sacrum so look for them on the site.

Hip socket

If you have low general hip range of motion you can have tracking problems from the muscles that cross the hip socket. Mobilization work with the hip and range of motion exercises work well to increase hip mobility.


This one is a hidden cause to hip problems. When your arches fall or the bones in your foot move out of alignment then this shuts off your glute medius. This muscle is the main stabilizer for the pelvis and when this guy shuts off you have no stabilization in the pelvis. The reason why working out facilitates the glutes is that any muscle can increase facilitation through exercise. You only have so many steps or swings before the facilitation breaks. Chiropractic adjustments work great for getting things going but for long term solution custom soft arch supports are the best solution.

Need Help

I work with a lot of golfers to figure out why they have chronic problems. Either physical pain and range of motion problems or problem areas in their swing that they cannot get rid of. I don’t work with technique. I work with the nerves, muscles and joints in the body to get them to do what you want them to do. My work goes hand in hand with proper golf physical conditioning and golf instruction.

If you want help with a chronic problem with your golf game call me and talk with me to see if I can help. Many of my clients notice a difference within the first visit.