Golf swing out of balance? Look at your joints!

Receptor based balance problem

You have sensors in your muscles and joints that tell your body where your body is in space. If our joints are out of align or muscles not working correctly then your body has to guess where it is at creating a receptor based balance problem. These are fixed really fast with a Chiropractic adjustment. But how do you know if this is the case? I will give you a couple quick tests for this.

Finger to nose test

Chances are you have seen this on several episodes of Cops and many You Tube videos but it is still a good test. Balance goes hand in hand with coordination. So, this is a coordination/balance test for the upper extremity.

1. start with feet together and arms out like an airplane. and guide your finger to your nose one side at a time. This should be easy.

2. Now for the hard part. Close your eyes and get back into position and with one finger at a time bring it to your nose. If your joints, muscles and nerves are not working right this will be a little challenging. You may discover that you might now know where your nose actually is. So, be careful go slow and try to not poke yourself in the eye.

This will show itself in the entire swing. Remember if you cannot find your  nose with your eyes closed, you are going to be spending a lot of time concentrating on hitting the ball and not trusting in your swing. This is where second guessing yourself comes in with a whole bunch of other swing faults.

Turning test

This test is magic. You cannot fake this test and the harder you try to hide this receptor problem the more it comes out. If the receptors in your lower extremity are not working then your body only has a general idea on where your feet are at in space. Keep that in mind when looking at the result of the test.

1. Stand with feet together with your eyes open. If you feel confident and comfortable go to step two.

2. Stay in the same position and close your eyes. Stay like this for 10-15 seconds. If you feel confident and comfortable then go to step three. If at any time you feel off then stop the test.

3. With your arms forward like a zombie march in place. Please make sure you do this in an open area so you don’t trip over anything or bump into anything. Do this for up to 30 seconds. It is also a good idea to have someone watch you to stop the test in case you might bump into something or hit something.

4. Stop at 30 seconds don’t move and open your eyes.

Now to build curiosity I will not tell you what will happen. Mostly because I want you to try this. I do these blog posts to help and this information only helps if you try it out. Just know this, If you are in the same place that you started things are good. If not then things are not good.

Best solution to receptor based balance problems: Chiropractic

One of the main things that Chiropractors do is get the joints working the way they are supposed to. This facilitates proper nerve function and proper muscle function. Exercise and rehab are great and necessary but will not remove nervous system interference and ultimately won’t fix a joint not working correctly if it needs to be adjusted. Chiropractic and rehab work better together.

Many Chiropractors do these tests. I do them in my office and sometimes add in additional balance tests if needed. Please share this post and if you find yourself needing help then call me.