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Chiropractic and Chiropractic care series

Chiropractic and Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)

One of the techniques we use here is sot sacro occipital technique. for those of you who are familiar with cranio sacral technique think of this as the chiropractic version of cranio sacral therapy.

This is a very light technique and very specialized for low back but we have seen a lot of applications in the jaw and skull and a lot of other areas of the body. This is a special technique I found to help people with low back problems and low back pain.

One of my first clients I used this on was someone in chiropractic college. She had a lot of low back problems and we used this technique because it is a low force technique and there is not a lot of big cracks or pops. This client has had several surgeries and large chunks of bone taken out of her back. So, traditional chiropractic was not something I felt comfortable doing.

The first adjustment we did SOT on her. When she came back the next day, now this is someone whose gotten chiropractic done for 10/20/30 years very long period of time, very big history actually a longer history in chiropractic than me at that point. She asked what in god’s earth did I do because it helped so much with the tension in her neck, tension in her back the pain.

It blew her mind because she never got that much relief from a chiropractic adjustment.

That caught my attention and that was a technique i did a whole lot and specialized in. Because when looking at low back complaints I see a of people getting adjusted over and over again without gettng resolution.

If you have low back pain and need treatment or are looking for a different answer, contact us to find out if SOT can help you.