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Chiropractic: Plantar Fascitis

Plantar fascitis is pain in the bottom of the foot. For those of you who have a severe case it make it hard to walk or stand. I find that many people have sub clinical plantar fascitis. This would  be pain in the bottom of the foot and pain on the bottom of the foot when you push on it.

How do you get plantar fascitis?

There are many ways of getting any health problem. This is one way of getting plantar fascitis. Postural problems are an amazing cause of plantar fascitis and definitely make it worse.

As our head comes forward and our shoulder rounds this increases tone in the hamstrings, calf, down the Achilles tendon to the bottom of your feet. This tension pattern increases tone in the bottom of the foot. As your head comes forward your toes grab the floor so you don’t fall over. With this process you increase inflammation and create tendonitis and fascitis.

One thing you can check for is Achilles tendonitis. You can check this by pinching the Achilles tendon to see if it is tender. If you have tenderness there then you are already developing a tendonitis. Please be careful because this is how you can damage the Achilles tendon.

At this point you need to start changing your posture now. If you don’t it is only a matter of time before you start to have a real problem.

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