Chiropractic minute: Causes of trigger point headaches

Today we are going to be talking about headaches, chronic headaches and chronic pain in the head.

What I find in a lot of people that most people with headaches really have are myofascial trigger points in the neck. Pain starts in the neck and refers to the head and face.

The most common muscles involved is called the SCM. It is on both sides and is responsible for turning your head. In postural problems it moves your head forward.

The pain pattern in this muscle when not working correctly is across the forehead, behind the eye and over the top of the ear. If you have pain in these areas then you have trigger points in the headaches. It does not matter the diagnosis. This pain pattern is specifically from this muscle

I have found people with extremely bad headaches find relief from working this muscle. You can get a massage therapist or a chiropractor work it out and the pain will go away almost instantly. The fastest time I have seen this release is 15-20 seconds.

The massage will make the pain go away but it will not fix the problem.  The cause a lot of times is the forward head or head forward and downward posture where the chin pokes out

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