Chiropractic minute: Causes of low back stiffness

Today we will be talking about low back, low back complaints and back complaints in general.

I want to talk about general back stiffness. This could be low back, low back into the mid back and even to the neck as well. Now, it does not have to have pain but more stiff. When I rotate it is really tight or I have to stretch over and over again.

Our muscles in the back work differently then our arm and arm muscles. These postural muscles, when they tend to become weak, they get stronger and clamp down. Remember, these muscles in the back are there to protect you.

So if they get weak and flaccid and move all over the place, that will cause compromise to you and your spine. The body already knows this and it is built into it. So, they weaken they get tighter.

So,a great way to remedy this is to exercise the back.

When exercising the back, the best exercise is to lay face down. Now you want to lift your head and shoulders up off the floor until you can feel the muscles from the neck to the back tighten up. Then lower your body and let it relax.

I only want you to do that a couple times because you will notice some shifting or some shaking. You, don’t want to over work this area. So, as soon as you feel that shaking you want to stop that exercise.

If it does make anything worse you are you going to want to have someone check you out because you could have something else going on in the back.

Dr Joseph DuChene your  Dallas Chiropractor