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Chiropractic minute: Causes of low back pain

Today we are going to be talking about different types of low back pain.
This type of low back pain is higher in the low back, not way down low, but a little higher where these muscles are in the back.

Everything in the body happens for a reason and in this part of the spine when something is not working correctly, if the bones are not in alignment for whatever reason, then the body likes to guard with muscle tightness. It will take all of those muscles and lock them down. This is a protective mechanism so you don’t hurt yourself, even thought it causes a lot of dysfunction and pain it is there to protect you.

What to do about this and how to work through this.

For chiropractic sacro occipital technique (SOT) s a wonderful technique to get the body aligned for this type of complaint.

A couple things that will remedy it or make it worse.

With this type of low back complaint laying face down will make you feel slightly better. It will remedy that or make it feel better. It will not make the pain go away all the way but you will feel slightly better.

Laying on your back will make it worse. So, if you sleep on your back it will make things worse and you might find that you get interrupted sleep.

Using SOT we work with these clients lying face down. Then we get the pelvis in aligned to decrease muscle tension in the back. The muscle guarding is there because the spine is out of alignment.

If this is a problem you have then it will make it better and you will get a better adjustment because of that.

If it is in the low back then it is muscle guarding so you might not want to stretch that open because it may make it worse

Thank you.

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