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Your chiropractic minute: Chiropractic and knee problems

Today we are going to talk about knee, knee problems and knee pain.

A quick overview on how we might look at knee and knee problems and the stages we work with.

The first stage is chiropractic adjustments.

Most of the clients that come in with knee problems, knee pain, cracking/popping in the knee or instability in the knee will get significantly better with chiropractic adjustments. If the bones are not in alignment then the knee may jar a little funny.

Sometimes your right knee is hurting because it is compensating because your left knee is out of alignment. So, the right knee is hurting because it is compensating to your left knee.

The next step is kinesio tape.

Kineso tape can hold the adjustment in there better. So , we use this to hold the adjustment longer so you can get a better response. This will take care of most knee problems.

Going a step further if the above is not working great would be to look at muscle function around the knee.

Now we can take a look a muscle function of the knee. The most common muscle that is not working is the popletius muscle behind the knee not working for a lot of clients.

For knee complaints these are the most common things that can fix the knee.
If that is not the case then we need to go a step deeper and that is when we would look at custom orthotics or the foot causing problems in the knee.

So, the basic outline for treatment.

  1. get it adjusted
  2. get it taped
  3. get the muscles working
  4. If that does not work the move towards some pelvic stabilizer and/or look at the ankle and the foot.

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