Chiropractic minute: Causes of low back joint stress

Today we are going to be talking about low back complaints, low back problems and back issues in general.

There is a condition we check in general called imbrication of the low back. This is a fancy term for the joints in the low back pushing against each other.

How are you going to feel this in the low back?

A lot of times what is going to make this worse is arching of the low back or compression is going to make it worse.

a couple areas that make things worse are areas of exercise that cause that require pounding of the feet or low back like running, jogging and other high to mid impact activities.

One of the reasons is, as your foot hits the floor it is going to compress the low back and it will send pain up to your brain. As it does that it will cause muscles to activate, turn off or become tighter.

If you have this going on in the low back then physical activity may make things worse and you may be prone to hurting yourself while doing these exercises.

This is facet imbrication and it is very easy to test for. You would want to find somebody who uses muscle testing and familiar with muscle testing for the low back.
Very easy to find and very easy to fix.

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