Chiropractic minute: A cause for that dull low back pain

Today we are going to talk about low back pain and sources for low back pain. When it comes to low back pain there is one characteristic pain area that comes with a lot of different styles of low back pain and that is the dull back pain across the low back.

That dull pain in the low part of your back comes from a muscle in the front of your spine. It attaches to your spine in the middle of your abdomen and goes down to your hip. You might know this muscle as the one that allows you to do a sit up. Not the crunch but what lifts you off of the ground or lifting you knee off the ground.

When resolving this pain, a lot of times there are trigger points in this muscle and causes strain on your low back.  From the trigger points we get a referral pain in that low back. Most of the time it is going to be a dull achy type of pain. This could get worse when sitting down, using your leg or lifting your knee up.

If this is something you do have, you can find a massage therapist or a chiropractor that does soft tissue work and as they do the work to release the muscle you will find that dull achy pain will go away.

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