Dr. Joseph DuChene DC
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Chiropractic and Chiropractic care series

Chiropractic and Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST)

This is one of the first techniques I learned in chiropractic college very low force but high impact on the system. Those that are very sensitive to the chiropractic adjustment or nervous about the physical movements. You too can get chiropractic care without having the cracks and pops of a traditional chiropractic adjustment.

BEST looks at your lifestyle and environment. So they look at the quality and quantity of  what you eat, drink, breath, exercise, rest and think and how those things relate to your health or how it creates disease in your experience.

In this technique there is a big portion for relieving stress relief, a lifestyle component and a treatment component.

What I would ask is if you though about chiropractic care but a little nervous because of what you seen or the cracking and popping worries you a bit, this would be a wonderful technique for you. So you can still get the benefits of healthy nerve function, healthy joint function, healthy muscle function and health body of chiropractic care without all those things you might be concerned of.

If you are considering a form of chiropractic that is very low force please and would like more information please contact us.