Dr. Joseph DuChene DC
Your Wellness Minute

Chiropractic: My approach to wellness

When taking a look a chiropractic and wellness my main goal is to get people better, make my adjustments last and really get to the root of what is going on.

How I do things differently?

When looking at a chiropractic adjustment I have a joint, nerve and muscle model I use. I want to get the muscles working the way they are supposed to. I want to get the joints working the way they are supposed to. I want the nerves to work the way they are supposed to.

When we get those three working together we get lasting results and get changes that other people cannot get because they are missing one of those components.

I also understand that lifestyle really makes or breaks your health.

I take a biochemical, physical and stress look at the body as well.

I want to make your biochemistry working well and that your physical body is not adapting to your biochemistry.

There is nothing you can do to tear apart your health faster than stress. I take this very seriously and have tools to teach to overcome this.

There is a big portion of how the body works physically that seems to be missed, I even see this in professional athletes. I do see a good handful of professional athletes and there are a good number of basics I see missed for many different reasons.

We want to take a look at the joints, muscles and nerves are working correctly and the three causes of adaptation being biochemistry, trauma and stress are looked at and handled.

When we can get all these things lined up we can get results where other people don’t and we can even get long lasting results.

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