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Chiropractic series: Rehab vs. Applied Kinesiology (AK)

One thing in chiropractic that really confused me for a while was the muscle testing applied kinesiology and rehab.

When looking at rehab we are looking to see if the muscles have the appropriate strength and endurance they are supposed to. In applied kinesiology we find that dysfunction in the body will cause strength and endurance problems in muscles.

So when looking at the two should I rehab the muscles or look at it from a dysfunctional model and adjust the body.

I foundĀ  they need both the applied kinesiology functional testing and the rehab portions to take care of the full picture. If you only do one or the other you will miss things and you won’t get better.

For those of you that are suffering for any reasons we want to make sure that your joints, nerves and muscles are working correctly and you have the strength and endurance from the rehab to keep your adjustments.

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