Chiropractic Minute: Blood Sugar Causing Sleep Problems

Chiropractic Minute: Blood Sugar Causing Sleep Problems We are going to talk to you about how to fix your blood sugar in order to sleep better at night time. I know that is kind of interesting to a lot of you, that your blood sugar actually has something to do with how you sleep at […]

Sleeping positions for back pain

Got sleep? Sleeping can be torture for someone who has low back pain. Finding a better sleeping position can help you get better sleep and even help your body heal from low back pain. I want to also note that improving your sleeping position can make your back feel better but this information sho...
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Chiropractic position on sleep position

Each Chiropractor that you talk to will have a different reason for telling you what the best position to sleep in is. I developed this line of thinking in Chiropractic College by asking questions and observing why people do what they do. Sleeping position I do not think that there is a perfect s...
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CHIROPRACTIC AND CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME Vol. 1 Issue 72 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is persistent or relapsing debilitating fatigue in a person. Some symptoms of CFS are mild fever, sore throat, painful and swollen lymph nodes in the cervical and axillary areas, unexplained generalized muscle weak...